BUSI 1301 University of Houston Impact on The US Economy due TO COVID 19 PaperCourse


BUSI 1301 University of Houston Impact on The US Economy due TO COVID 19 PaperCourse

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In 500 words or greater (3 PAGES in total), using 8 credible sources to support your point of view, predict the condition of the US economy in the 2,6 and12 months. Also, give a 2 year outlook on the US economy as well. Use a comparative economic view of the current COVID-19 conditions to Antonine Plague, 1918 Influenza, Flu 1968, Black Death and the Plague of Justinian and predict the short and long-term impact of the US economy. Compare the durations, technologies and medical advances as well as the resources available to help. Note: The professor is not asking for your unsupported opinion. The best paper will use no less than 8 sources to make their clearly reasoned position. Also, She’s not seeking the medical view of COVID-19 only the financial impact of the condition on the economy.

STYLE: The paragraphs should be written in the typical essay style with topic sentences, supporting details, examples, and transitions. The sections in the project should include an introduction, background information, thesis supporting section, opposing arguments, and conclusion. These paragraphs have specific functions and lengths, too. INTRODUCTION/CONCLUSION: The introduction and conclusion only need to be a paragraph each. They should be mirrors of each other in structure, but not in words. The beginning of the introduction should include a hook, followed by a bridge to the thesis, then the thesis. The conclusion should restate the thesis, then include some review from the paper. The end should reconnect back to the hook. BODY: The section that supports your thesis should be the remainder of your term paper. Depending on the other sections you need to include, the body of your paper should be about three or four pages (or even more). The paragraphs need to have topic sentences that subtly refer back to the main argument you proposed in the introduction. The supporting details and examples need include references to quality research to show strong support for your argument. The paragraphs should each be highly focused.

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