BUS3ENT Individual Business Plan And Customer Relationships :Stephany Trilliamson


BUS3ENT Individual Business Plan And Customer Relationships :Stephany Trilliamson

Stephany Trilliamson is a medical professional and mother of two. When returning to work from maternity leave she was conflicted and uneasy (as many working mothers feel when leaving their child in the care of someone else). She would lament on all the activities and milestones she was missing while working and found this aspect of returning to work very upsetting. She wished there was a way to be able to be there as well as continue in the profession she had worked so hard for and enjoyed so much. That was when the idea hit her. Being able to check in at any time and see what her child was doing was an actual possibility. It would just require the synthesis of the camera on her child and the App to view the image to create a new service that would solve the dilemma she was in. She knew it wasn’t as good as being there in person, but it was the next best thing. She had noticed that her peers had become very adaptable and accepted social media platforms such as Facebook as norm. This shift in perceptions on privacy and ways to share information created a market that would accept and be comfortable with her delivery method via App based technology. In the end, she decided that it was real, it was viable and it was worth it.

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