BUS 455 Internet and Social Media Marketing


1. Best Practices

View sample of this question.Best practices represent business activities that consistently yield good results. Give examples of what you consider to be best practices in implementing an overall marketing strategy with the internet and social media marketing integrated. Companies such as Dell, Nike, and Starbucks rank in the top social media brands due to to the level of integration of their internet marketing efforts.

Guided Response: Respond to two of your peers. Evaluate whether the best practices mentioned can be implemented into your organization or a company that you are familiar with and explain why that is the case.

2. Changing Marketing Processes

The marketing processes are changing in fundamental ways as a result of the Internet and social media with the consumers gaining some level of control and power of that channel. How should a company alter its activities and ways of conducting business to align with this fundamental change? Take the example of Dell in re-engineering its marketing effort by setting up a social media monitoring center in Texas to track conversations across the web and integrating this with their customer care programs.