(Get answer) BUL 3320 USF First Amendment & Marshal and The Chief Justice DiscussionCourse


BUL 3320 USF First Amendment & Marshal and The Chief Justice DiscussionCourse

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Question Description

Select TWO of the scenarios. The answer to each scenario should consist of at least two to three well-developed paragraphs. Answers should be supported with citations from the textbook and at least ONE additional credible source. Avoid too much copying from sources. Use your own words and analysis to present your answers. Do not copy the scenario into the answer; just label your answer with the scenario number and title. Must include a reference page

Options for Posting

Short Essay: The initial post should consist of at least two to three well-developed paragraphs on the topic. Do not attach the answer. Copy it from Word or other program into the text box.


Scenario 1: Courts

Visit the Supreme Court website. Select one of the following topics and prepare a summary of the most important parts you think your classmates should know. Additional research may be necessary.

  • Justices: Describe some of the members of the court and their backgrounds. How are justices appointed and for how long?
  • Visiting the Court: Where is the court located? What are the requirements for a member of the public to gain access? What will you see?
  • Building Regulations: There are 7 regulations. Explain the three (3) that you find most interesting.

Scenario 8: First Amendment

Davey, a student at Pinellas County Middle School, learned he received a D in English, which meant he would be required to attend summer school. While in the school library, Davey posted on Facebook that his English teacher should be raped and shot. Davey also posted a cartoon that showed the teacher’s head on a bloody dead body. Two days later, Davey’s father instructed his son to remove the post. Before the post was removed, a student printed the post and showed it to the principal, who suspended Davey for the last two weeks of school. Law enforcement was not involved in the situation.

Determine whether Davey’s statement and the resulting action by the school violate the First Amendment. Provide at least one case to support your answer.

Scenario 5: Constitutional Law – Religion

The state of Florida created a new college scholarship the awards the Dream Scholarships to low income students who achieved academic excellence in high school. Jason Dixon received a Dream Scholarship; however, the financial aid director at Old College determined the Jason did not qualify because he stated a major in theology. Jason filed a lawsuit alleging that the state law that denied the scholarships to students seeking degrees in theology was unconstitutional. What arguments will each party make? Which party will win? Why?

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