BU1006: technology & outbreak of Covid 19.


BU1006: technology & outbreak of Covid 19.

The above article highlights one of the ways in which technology can be of great assistance when faced with uncertain events, such as the outbreak of Covid 19.

Technology is not always beneficial, however.

For this task, you are required to write a continuous essay of no more than 1,000 words in which you discuss the benefits and problems associated with the use of technology in the modern world.

As an example, consider the modern mobile phone.  It is essentially a computer at your fingertips.  This can keep you in touch with colleagues when you are in isolation, an obvious advantage.  On the other hand, the device itself becomes covered in germs, which could help the spread of the physical virus… not to mention the potential for computer virus.

You should provide a balanced argument supported by examples and academic references presented in Harvard style.

Provide a title at the top of the page.

Set out your terms of reference by way of introduction.

Discuss three or four aspects of technology.

Conclude by summarising your findings and stating whether or not you feel the strengths outweigh the weaknesses or not.

Provide an academic bibliography set out in alphabetical order by author surname.

Remember, study sites such as Tutor2U, Bized are not appropriate sources.Commercial sites such as Investopedia are also unacceptable.

Dictionaries, and especially Wikipedia are also unacceptable.

Please write the essay in your own words – NO CUT and PASTE.

Your essay will be marked by Grade Band Marking.

You will receive feedback based on the following criteria:

·Presentation, Structure and Referencing

·Research, evidence and interpretation

·Knowledge and Understanding

·Argument, evaluation and application

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