BMA501 Fundamentals Of Management


BMA501 Fundamentals Of Management

Essay –

The essay assignment develops the research, analysis and writing skills you gained from completing the Journal Article Review assignment by applying them to writing an academic essay.

The purpose of this assessment task is to develop and assess your knowledge about a key managerial issue.

The assessment will require students to select a company of their choice. The size of the organisation you choose is something for you to determine. The assessment is to be completed individually.

Presenting Your Findings

Write a report of your findings that has all of the elements described below:


1. Identification of Organisation (organisations principal functions, the products or services it provides; clarify why the organisation exists)

2. Identification of their CSR and sustainability policies and strategies/ successful approaches and their impact.

3. The strength and weaknesses of their CSR and sustainability programs, policies and approaches, successes and failures

4. Suggest how a shared-value approach may assist the company to produce a win-win solution. Use examples from the company and support with relevant literature/theories

5. How might a “triple bottom line” assessment of performance by companies change the approach to production or natural resource extraction? Use examples from the company and support with theories/literature.

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