(Get answer) BA 302 Upper Iowa University Nykcool Ab v Pacific Fruit Inc Case StudyCourse


BA 302 Upper Iowa University Nykcool Ab v Pacific Fruit Inc Case StudyCourse

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Question Description

written in the third person,
include title pages and abstracts in proper APA format APA_Template UIU Version.rtf and

  • include the page number of your topic from the text on the cover page.


Within the assigned chapters for the Weeks, there are separate mini readings that include a question entitled, “CRITICAL THINKING” or “WHAT IF THE FACTS WERE DIFFERENT”. In addition, at the end of each chapter is a section entitled “CRITICAL THINKING AND WRITING ASSIGNMENTS”.

  • Please select of one of those questions as the topic for your Weekly Topic Paper. DO NOT SELECT A “CRITICAL THINKING GROUP ASSIGNMENT”.
  • Take care to select a question that, when answered, will meet the criteria for the Weekly Topic Paper.
  • Week 4 Bi-Weekly Topic Paper
    • Topics selected must come from within the chapters of the textbook assigned for Week 3 and Week 4 reading only.

Submission Details

  • Your paper should be submitted to the appropriate location for the week in question.
  • There is no minimum or maximum word requirement. It is up to you to submit a paper that, in your estimation, best meets the grading criteria set forth below.

Grading Rubric: Topic Papers: W2 W4 W6

Each of the four Weekly Topic Papers is worth 50 points. Your grade on the Weekly Topic Paper will include the following grading components.

  • Clarity – possible 10 points.
    • Clarity means that I can follow you from beginning to end.
    • In order to help me do so, it is helpful to include an introduction that tells me where we are going and a conclusion that tells me where we have been.
  • Critical analysis – possible 20 points.
    • The purpose of this assignment is not to demonstrate that you can read the text.
    • The questions in the text from which you can choose to write are designed to make you think.
    • Critical analysis is not the same as observations (or critical observations).
    • Critical observations, however, are necessary to provide an appropriate context for your critical analysis.
    • If a question does not provoke critical analysis on your part, choose another question.
    • If nothing is working, then we have a problem that should be resolved through private e-mails or a phone call.
  • Appearance – possible 10 points.
    • This is where I will deduct for everything from spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar and syntax errors to anything else related to the appearance of the paper.
    • Failure to use proper citation form for judicial decisions will also result in deductions in this category.
  • In-text textbook citation – possible 2.5 points.
    • You will be required to include a citation to the text in the body of your paper – it is not sufficient to include it only in the end references.
    • The citation must be in proper APA format. Here are some general guidelines to help you cite in APA format: APA Guide 6th Edition.doc
    • This is a really easy 2.5 points to pick up.
    • Do not forget to include it.
  • In-text external citations – possible 5 points.
    • You will be required to include citations from two external sources in the body of your paper – it is not sufficient to include them only in the end references.
    • The citations to these two external sources must also be in proper APA format for research or, for judicial citations, must be in proper citation form.
    • Remember the prohibition on using Wikipedia as a primary source.
  • APA formal references – possible 2.5 points.
    • Your reference list must include all references in the body of your paper in proper APA citation form.
    • Remember, proper APA format for end references is not necessarily the equivalent of proper APA format for in-line citation in the body of your paper. Again, the general guidelines are a great help here.

Important Helping Tools (repeated from above)


  • Most students use Word to prepare the Weekly Topic Paper.
  • Please do not send in .docm or Adobe PDF formats
  • I know I am technologically behind the times but I need you to post in .doc or .docx format

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