Argue that the rediscovery of victims by the news media, elected officials, and commercial enterprises is a “mixed blessing” by stressing the downside: the potential for exploitation.


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1- Argue that the rediscovery of victims by the news media, elected officials, and commercial enterprises is a “mixed blessing” by stressing the downside: the potential for exploitation. 2- Identify a group of victims of illegal activities who still has not been rediscovered and was not mentioned in your Chapter 2 readings. 3- Choose some statistics presented in Chapter 3 and interpret them in two ways: first, make them seem as alarming as possible, and second, portray them as reassuring as possible. 4- What kinds of data about crime victims can be found in the FBI’s annual Uniform Crime Report or UCR? In the traditional Summary Reporting System (SRS), there are eight crimes, or Part I offenses, (murder and nonnegligent homicide, rape (legacy & revised), robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, larceny-theft, and arson) to be reported to the UCR Program. 5- Based on the statistical question about, concerning the UCR, what are the sources of inaccuracies in these statistics? 6- Chapters 2 and 3 discussed several interesting categories, such as rediscovery of crime victims, the UCS, and the NCVS. Under these broad topics, what area did you find most interesting in either of these chapters? Why was this area of special interest to you 1) Identify an individual you know who falls into a high risk category for being robbed and explain which category and why? 2) Explain the reasons for the well-documented fact that members of various groups face differential risks. 3) Describe some trends in violent victimization that became evident during the second half of the 1990s. 4) Based on the question above, which of the trends you identified continue even today? 5) Is it possible to be too crime conscious and too concerned about being victimized? Defend your opinion. 6) Although it is impossible to prevent victimization, it is possible to reduce risks, but it will cost individuals, companies, and governments much more to do so. Explain this comment and give examples. 7) Compare and contrast victim facilitation, victim precipitation, and victim provocation. Cite examples to illustrate the differences. 8) Describe the victim-defending point-of-view, and then apply it to both vehicle theft and identify theft. 1) Discuss the following terms: clearance rates, citizen’s arrest, burnout, and community policing. 2) Speculate about the causes of the falling clearance rates for solving crimes of violence. 3) Make up some details about robbery or burglary incidents, and then discuss what an ideal police department could do for the victims in these cases. 4) Based on the information in the question above, now reverse the outcomes, and highlight every problem with the local police that could further compound the suffering of victims in these particular cases. 5) Argue that victims should not be allowed to participate in plea negotiations. 6) Argue that victims should have much more of a voice in determining sentences. 7) Argue that victims should not be allowed any input into parole board decisions. 8) Review how decisions by the Supreme Court have had an effect on the rights and best interests of victims.. 1) Why are the views of maximalists and minimalists so far apart on the fate of missing children? 2) Why are the views of maximalists and minimalists so different on the question of whether the problems concerning the physical and sexual abuse of children is intensifying or subsiding? 3) Speculate why stories about people, who claim that they survived satanic rituals, have largely disappeared from the news. 4) Define the following terms: Code Adam, House of Refuge, SAID syndrome, and Amber Alert. 5) Discuss the pros and cons of officers following a mandatory arrest-the-aggressor policy at the scene of domestic disturbances. 6) Explain why many battered women do not leave their abusive mates. 7) Under what circumstances, if any, could the killing of a vicious wife-beater by his victim be ruled a justifiable homicide, in your opinion? 8) Give possible reasons why the number of murders of husbands by wives (boyfriends by girlfriends) has dropped so sharply over recent decades.

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