Annotated Bibliography for Localization and Trade War


Annotated Bibliography for Localization and Trade War

Use APA Format. A bibliography is synonymous with your references page. An annotation is a note. Essentially, an annotated bibliography is potential sources with your commentary on each. Each source will need a paragraph that includes: a summary of the source (two sentences), an analysis of the source (two sentences), and how it is useful for your purposes (two sentences). You must include at least five sources; our library resources will help you find appropriate sources for this project. Note: You may or may not use all of these sources in the actual projects you will write; sometimes, after reading them through and after you start writing, you realize they’re not all that relevant. That’s fine. Don’t feel forced to include it. That’s why we’re doing this evaluation. Similarly, you’re likely to come across other sources as you continue to write, so you are more than welcome to include sources in your projects that didn’t make it into your annotated bibliography.

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