Analyze the change from Romanesque to Gothic Architecture


 1-Write a 2 page essay on the following topic: 

Analyze the change from Romanesque to Gothic Architecture.  Discuss how one style developed into the other, what influenced the Romanesque style and what was expanded on and changed in the Gothic style and why.  At least 5 of following example have to be used in the essay: 1- Church interior of the Abbey of the Notre-Dame, Fontenay,  (Romanesque) 2. Interior of Durham cathedrals (Romanesque) 3.Third church at abbey cluny (Romanesque) 4. Ambulatory and apse of the Abbey church of saint- Denis (Gothic) 5- Chartres Cathedral(Gothic) 6-  Reims Cathedral (Gothic)

2- The thesis has to be concentrated on at least 3 change from Romanesque to Gothic Architecture.(Pointed arches,The huge colorful windows, tympanums, ribbed vault)

Format & Instructions:

· Use a 12 pt. font (Calibri or New Times Roman preferred) and separate ideas into distinct paragraphs. 

· The successful essay will have a clear introduction with a thesis statement, transition sentences between paragraphs and a conclusion that ties your discussion together.  

· Ensure that you edit your sentences for grammar and clarity.

. Any outside sources must be cited using parenthetical documentation and included in a separate Works Cited page.  

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