Analysis of “The Girl: A Life in the Shadow of Roman Polanski”


Analysis of “The Girl: A Life in the Shadow of Roman Polanski”

Students must write an 8 (or so) page paper summarizing the book and discussing the following topics: What issues did this book bring to light for you? How did the book change your views of victims? How could the criminal justice system have better helped the victim in this case? Do you believe the fact that the people involved in this case were high profile members of society made a difference in how the case was handled and how the victim was treated? If so, how? The incident that is discussed in this book took place many years ago. Select two areas in which you believe the book demonstrates that the criminal justice does a disservice to victims. Research whether these areas have changed. What types of programs have been used and what research has been done relating to these issues? Does research demonstrate that this issue has been taken care of, or does it appear as though the issues are still problematic (or maybe more problematic than before?) Where has the system improved or failed? Your paper should NOT read as a “book report” summary of the book. Instead, you should use direct quotes from the book and a citation to page numbers to support the arguments and observations that you make in your paper. Section 5 of your paper should include research, primarily from journal articles and other primary sources, that support your discussion. Proper citation is also required.

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