American College of California Environmental Studies and Anthropogenic Climate Change PaperSchool


American College of California Environmental Studies and Anthropogenic Climate Change PaperSchool

American College of California

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For this assignment you will write a write a 2500-word research paper based on the themes and ideas found in one of the lessons in the course.

Note on topic selection from your Open Learning Faculty Member: Consider the course a very large sandbox. You may play, that is to say write, on anything found in the sandbox but nothing outside it. The course has no material on astrology, so you may not write an essay on the impact of astrology on hippies.

Here is one example of a possible final project. Say you found Unit Two’s lesson “Genetic Engineering of great interest. What might you write on? A great deal. For example, what are the ethics of genetic engineering? Should the elite be permitted to genetically augment their offspring, while the rest of society cannot afford to? To make this a full-length essay, the idea will have to be developed in a thoughtful way, taking into consideration what experts in field have to say. Be certain to consider all sides of the issue. You may express your personal judgment only at the very end of the paper.

As a starting point you must consult and utilize the resources provided in the course. Often they will provide a bibliography which will help you. Then find five to seven additional academic resources such as scholarly journals and books on the topic. Consult TRU’s library! In addition to the academic sources you may utilize two non-academic sources published in a high quality media source by experts in the field. Finally, you may cite one video clip if the speaker is an expert on the topic. You must utilize all the sources you cite in the actual paper.

Before you start developing your paper, write and submit a two-hundred and fifty-word thesis proposal and bibliography. The proposal and bibliography must be approved by your Open Learning Faculty Member before you can proceed to the writing of the paper. In the proposal be very careful not to aspire to answer the unanswerable. It is very important to present a balanced appreciation of the topic. It is not a work of polemics. Make sure to explain the relationship and issues involving science and society.

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