AMB359 Strategic Marketing reflection assignment,


AMB359 Strategic Marketing reflection assignment,

Students are to prepare a reflection assignment, which includes a description of the environment and the types of team members, a summary of experiences and issues that occurred. The student should highlight their role in the team – What were their tasks? How did they undertake these tasks? Reasoning should be given to how the student performed within the team, give an evaluation of their interactions, what sort of team member were they and how did this impact the team cohesion and/or performance of the tea

Students are to follow the below structure

  1. Situation description
  2. Team environment – Critical issues and/or incidents.
  3. Your specific tasks in the team
  4. Reflection – Refer To Values In Decision Making Video And Surveys 
  1. Your characteristics as an individual  
  2. How your personal characteristics impacted the team interactions
  3. What sort of decision maker are you? How will this impact the decisions you make in your future professional life.
  4. What would I like to change in the future

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