Allen County Community College Accommodation of Geology Analysis PaperSchool


Allen County Community College Accommodation of Geology Analysis PaperSchool

Allen County Community College

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There are many ways that Mankind must accommodate geology in his endeavors. Sometimes those efforts are not sufficient. I gave a couple of examples in the material here: Venice is sinking, Pisa is leaning, houses are shifting.

Your task is to find another event where man’s attempt to accommodate geology was insufficient, or at least incomplete. It can be anything from a large scale geological disaster to a local fail by an uninformed citizen. It doesn’t need to be a failure. Often, planners recognize the need for geologic ‘maintenance’ from every year to every few decades. Failure will come if maintenance is ignored, so those stories are equally welcome.

Weather is not geology, so no tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. Falling celestial objects are also not geology. You also can’t choose the three I listed above, or anything that anybody else posted already. So it is better to get yours done early to make sure others don’t claim jump your idea.

You are expected to write a short essay of 150 – 200 words. You should include the setting (time and place), what is mankind doing there (and why there, exactly, if it is not obvious), how geology factors into the issue. Describe the fail, and how it is going to cost humanity, including possible remedies. References should also be included, at least one to document your story. Your initial essay is worth 15 points, and the two responses are worth 10 points total.

This essay is meant to be short and to the point (but still 150 words). Points will be deducted for bad grammar, spelling, or composition. Especially composition. The essay should be a complete thought. However it need not be an exhaustive account. That would be hard to do in 150 words, and there should be some material for others to post responses.

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