Ada Maze Solver


Ada Maze Solver

The document is already made. I need to paraphrase everything in it. Rewrite it in different words. ———- Discuss your program in 3-page reflection document (single-spaced), explaining your algorithm and decisions you made in the process of designing your program. Consider the document a synopsis of your experience with Ada – this should be at least 1 page in length. The write-up should explain your approach to the problem, including any modifications made to the specifications. In the remaining space, you should answer the following questions: • What were the greatest problems faced while designing the algorithm in Ada? • What particular features made Ada a good language? • Would it have been easier to write the program in a language such as C? • Given your knowledge of programming, was Ada easy to learn? • What structures made Ada usable? (In comparison to C for instance) • What did you dislike the most about Ada? ————–

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