ACCM4600 Accounting Theory And Contemporary Issues1


ACCM4600 Accounting Theory And Contemporary Issues1

You need to provide this information requested above in a report format in two stages as outlined below.

Part 1: 10% due week 5 – Evaluating information resources and research plan – detailed instructions:

1) Based on the above scenario, answer the following questions:

a) What is the purpose of your report?
b) What is the audience for your report?
c) What are the (key) decisions to be made?
d) What information would help you to make these decisions?
e) When you search for relevant information (in a database for example) what keywords will/are you using?

2) Identify 10 sources relevant to the project (e.g. journal articles, textbooks, websites etc.). At least 4 of these must be academic journal articles but there should be a variety of different sources used.

3) Complete a source analysis on 3 of the 10 sources with full bibliographic references. At least 2 of  these sources must be academic journal articles. Refer to the source analysis template.

4) Provide a full plan of main and sub headings of the report (include appropriate numbering). Resources to help you understand these requirements and in particular the source analysis template are provided on Moodle, including explanatory documents, marking rubrics and slides (which accompany a presentation by your lecturer in week 2). 

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