A Cost and Benefit Analysis of Recognizing Efforts and Rewarding Success


A Cost and Benefit Analysis of Recognizing Efforts and Rewarding Success

Deadline: 27th June Type of work: Essay Subject: Business and Management Topic:Cost/benefit analysis Number of pages: 2 pages = 550 words Sources: 2 Level: Undergraduate Formatting style: APA Language Style: English (U.S.) ASSIGNMENT #2: You are to provide a cost/benefit analysis for your idea of motivating and empowering employees. In this plan, you must discuss any sunk or opportunity costs involved in the implementation of this policy as well as the short and long-term increases in projected profitability. Finally, you are permitted to use fictional numbers in regards to costs, but you must provide research to support any opportunity costs or projected profitability. You can find industry averages for various program costs and projected benefits. Because you are developing a plan of action, your paper does not need to be written as a traditional research paper. However, you are to support your ideas, arguments, and opinions with independent research, include at least two (2) supporting references or sources (NOT Wikipedia, Investopedia, unknown, or anonymous sources), and format your work in accordance with 6th edition APA formatting which includes: • A Title Page • Abstract with Keywords • A minimum of 2 FULL pages of written content, Times New Roman, 12 font, 1″ margins, left justified, and • A Reference page While this is a management course, it is expected you will adhere to academic standards of writing which include spelling, grammar, and writing mechanics.

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