The document must look like the screenshot

1. Using your text editor, open the resale.txt file located in the xml01  review folder included with your Data Files.

2. Save the document as resale.xml .

3. Create a prolog at the top of the document indicating that this is an XML document using the UTF-8 encoding scheme, and that it is a standalone document.

4. Create processing instructions to link the resale.xml document to the resale.css style sheet.

5. On a new line below the XML declaration, insert a comment containing the text SJB Pet Boutique resale products, latest offeringsFilename: resale.xmlAuthor: your name Date: today’s date where your name is your first and last names, and today’s date is the current date.

6. Enclose the document body content in a root element named resale_products .

7. Mark the text Resale Products with an element named title .

8. Mark the text Latest Offerings with an element named subtitle .

9. There are four new resale products. Create an element named product , which will contain all of the information about each product within a single product element.

10. Each product element should now contain five detail lines about each product, as shown in Figure 1-39.

11. Mark the first line of each product with an element named description , which contains a description of the product.

12. Mark the second line of each product with an element named condition , which contains data regarding the condition of the product.

13. Mark the third line of each product with an element named originalPrice , which will contain data regarding the original price of the product.

14. Mark the fourth line of each product with an element named salePrice , which will contain data regarding the resale price of the product.

15. Mark the fifth line of each product with an element named commission , which will contain data regarding the commission percentage to be earned on the sale .

16. Create a parent element named price for the child elements originalPrice and salePrice .

17. At the bottom of the document is a message to clients who are interested in resale. Enclose this message in a CDATA section and place the CDATA section within an element named message .

18. Patricia wants a smiley face ( J ) to be displayed at the end of the contents of the message element. Delete the colon and closing parenthesis ( 🙂 ) at the end of the message text. Outside the CDATA section but within the message element, add the character reference ☺ . (Note: The reference must be outside the CDATA section in order for parsers to translate it.)

19. Within the opening <resale_products> tag, insert a default namespace declaration to place all elements in the namespace.

<resale_products>20. Save your changes to the resale.xml document.

<resale_products>21. Open the resale.xml document in your web browser. Compare the results to Figure 1-39. If your output does not match the expected output, correct any errors and refresh your browser to verify changes.

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