Eyewitness Testimony Assignment

Eyewitness Testimony Assignment

Eyewitness Testimony Assignment (Assignment 3)

First, read about Elizabeth Loftus and eyewitness testimony on pages 228-229. 

Then go to Elizabeth Loftus’ webpage and read “Our Changeable Memories: Legal and Practical Implications.” 

Next, go to Psychology Professor, Gary Wells, homepage on eyewitness memory. When you get there click on the “Click here to take the Wells eyewitness test” and take the short test. (Note: it moved a little slow when we did it so be patient). 

After taking the Wells test, go to some of the links on Wells page and read the news stories and articles on eyewitness testimony.

Now, after you have done your research write two page paper about eyewitness testimony and memory. Here are some questions to think about to help you get started:

  • How accurate is eyewitness      testimony?
  • What are the problems with      eyewitness testimony as it relates to memories?
  • Can people actually have      false memories? What could cause this?
  • What are the implications      for society? 
  • How does this apply to our      legal system? Do you still have faith in eyewitness testimony during a      trial?

Enjoy your research and we look forward to reading your papers!

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