Discuss all the ways in which the state and national political parties can help your campaign?

Discuss all the ways in which the state and national political parties can help your campaign?

  1. You have been asked by your political party to run for the United States House of Representatives. The state and national political parties have offered you all the assistance your campaign might require.  You jump at the chance to become a United States member of the House of Representatives.

      A.  Discuss all the ways in which the state and national political parties can help your campaign? Give examples of each.

       B.  In the last month of the campaign, the political parties realize that you do not have a good chance of winning the election.  Based on other House of Representatives candidates’ ability to win and other priorities, the political parties withdraw their financial support from your campaign, believing that putting their money behind other candidates who have a better chance of winning will be more beneficial to the party and party control.

 C. You ask to meet with the Chairpersons of both the State and National Political Committees regarding their decision. Write the speech you intend to make to these individuals and include the following:  

     a.  The purpose of political parties

     b.  The right of the voter to be informed and make informed decisions.

      c.  The need to maintain the party image.

      d.  The need to reinforce and articulate the party’s policies.

      e.  The need to maintain a link between the party and the voters.

      f.  The message being sent to the voters of your district.

 2.  You have been following the discussion in Washington concerning sitting judges and the confirmation of President Trump’s judicial nominees.  President Trump has talked about the kinds of judges he wants to see on the bench.  He disagrees  with certain judicial decisions and has stated that these judges who made these decisions will have to answer for their behavior.  He also stated that judges who do not do as he or Congress wishes, should be removed from the bench.

             Write President Trump a letter in which you explain the basics of  American Government, including why there is a built in separation of  powers, the purpose of the judicial branch and why there is a need for an independent judiciary.          

  1. You are working for a non partisan group to get out the vote (GOTV) on election day. You are walking house to house to remind voters to cast their  votes.  At one house the person who answers the door tells you that her one vote doesn’t matter, so she isn’t going to bother to vote.

 Explain to this potential voter why it is important to vote:  Include the following:

     a.  Explain what Plato meant by the following:  “The punishment suffered by the wise who refuse to take part in the government, is to live under the government of bad men. 

       b.  Where is the right to vote found in the Constitution?  

       c. Why there is a Constitutional right to vote.

        d. Who has the right to vote?  

          e. What constitutional amendments advance or protect the right to vote?  

           f.  Why voting is an important aspect of citizenship.

           g.   How voting affects our notions of democracy.

      4. Mr. Un Happi is angry about the House and Senate votes on the new tax bill.  As a result he organizes a protest two blocks from the Senate and House Chambers.  While the crowd chanted leave my pocketbook alone, Mr. Happi sets an American flag on fire to protest congress’ actions as Un- American.

      He was arrested and convicted under the following law:

   “It is a crime for any person to burn the American flag in public, when the purpose of  burning the flag is to show displeasure with any actions of the Federal Government.”

     You are defending Mr. Happi on the appeal of his conviction.  What  arguments would you make?  

     Include in your answer  the issues of:

     a.  symbolic speech and freedom of expression 

     b. regulation of the content of speech and what standard is used 

     when a Court considers whether certain speech can be regulated. 

     c.  the function and purpose of free speech. 

     d. why it is important to strike a balance between the rights of the            individual and the rights of society.  

    e.   why this  form of speech should be protected under the First      Amendment.

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