Classical and Rogerian Argument questions

Classical and Rogerian Argument questions


please respond to the following questions; at least half a page is required (a page if you handwrite your response and have large writing).Xby Counterflix

1. Describe your understanding of the differences between the Rogerian and Classical Argument. Which seemed more difficult to use? Why?

2. Which do you think may be the most effective for organizing your final essay? Why? Are there any rhetorical moves or parts from the other organizational model that might be useful?

3. What do you believe your primary research question will be for your final essay? Why?

4. Finally, what would an outline of your proposal look like? This may be bulleted.

The goal for these questions is to help formulate what you will write in your proposal, and your responses may be used as part of your proposal.

find any science interesting topic to write The Researched Argument Essay ( do not write essay) use the topic to answer

the questions

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